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With over 20 years experience The 3D Measurement Company are a UK leading supplier of 3D engineering solutions. A UKAS ISO 9001:2015 accredited company we specialise in 3D measurement, quality & inspection and reverse engineering, working with customers across all industries, from automotive and aerospace to power generation and medical.

What we offer our customers

Our product team have extensive application experience and will help to navigate the decision making process of which 3D measurement system is suitable to the companies short and long terms needs. From portable optical CMM to handheld laser scanners, we have an extensive range of metrology grade measurement equipment and we will help you choose the correct solution for your company.


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Services T3DMC Provide

Our services

Portable 3D Scanning

With over 20 years industry experience, we have the technology and professional know how to provide you with the high quality, accurate data you need.

Automated 3D Scanning

We are proud to be able to offer a fully automated measuring solution for batch measurements.

Quality & Inspection

2D or 3D, whatever your needs are, we will cater for them with our extensive range of analysis tools.

Reverse Engineering

The most efficient way to generate a CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or freeform shape.

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Tel: 01746 762251